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Microsoft Learning has designated Prometric for delivery of its Microsoft professional certification and Microsoft Dynamics exams.  Prometric is a global leader in technology-enabled testing and assessment services and a very competent exam provider. 

We have determined that going with this model will ensure program enhancements and more consistency in the customer experience. It will also enable increased speed to market for exam innovations because of more streamlined internal processes. In a time when demand is growing for IT certifications, it is very important we  deliver the best possible certification program and a consistent testing experience. 

Prometric will be our partner in certification over the next few years.  They are being held to very high standards and expectations.   To ensure accountability and success in this effort, Prometric is making major investments in key areas that will be important to customer satisfaction, program development, testing innovations and test center coverage.   Prometric will work with Microsoft to create strategies and programs that improve the candidate experience such as providing highly discounted exams and test preparation tools.  More information can be found in the links below.  Please also subscribe to ongoing updates from Prometric by using the link provided below.

The following resources will assist you:

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Thank you for your continued support and passion for training and certification. 

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