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Today, I am happy to announce that Microsoft Dynamics certifications have been added to the Logo Builder library*.  Logo Builder is a tool that enables individuals certified for Microsoft Dynamics to create custom logos based on Microsoft Dynamics certification achievements.  While the Microsoft Dynamics credentials logo has been available, we continued to work to have your specific Microsoft certifications added to the library. 

Now, according to your individualized exam transcript, you can create and display the logo associated with you proven expertise in specific Microsoft Dynamics technologies and applications.  This includes creating multiple logos for different purposes. For example, you can use one comprehensive logo for your résumé and a more focused one for your business card.  There are several different logo formats that are downloadable to match the different needs of use including web and printing formats. 

If you have issues with building your customized Microsoft Dynamics certification logo or logging onto the Microsoft Dynamics member site at , please email for further assistance.   Specific guidelines for logo use can be found within the Logo Builder tool within the Microsoft Dynamics user site. *Please note, that only current live exams will have the certification logo available.

Sarah Grant

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