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I seem to get a lot of questions about the ability to create mailing labels. So I thought I’d put something here so that I can point to this blog in the future.

You can create mailing labels by using a marketing list to determine which accounts, contacts, or leads you want to include, and then exporting that list from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Create Mailing Labels article includes step-by-step instructions on creating a mail merge label document from an exported marketing list.

I also noticed that many people still have the online help that shipped when Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 was first released.

We have updated the Help based on answers to commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, the most recent update is not available in international English, but you may be able to use the stand-alone help (MSCRM3.0-u3a-Standalone_Help_ENU.exe) when the Help integrated with the application does not contain the information you were looking for. You can download the Help update from Download the latest online Help update.


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