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If you’re an ISV you should be talking to your partner account manager to get on the Titan rocket now!

Hopefully by now it’s starting be apparent to you that CRM “Titan” is on the glide path to release.  Since the spring the group I’m in at Microsoft, Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE), has been working with hundreds of ISV partners around the world getting them and their applications ready for the Titan rocket.  It’s been a lot of fun and with the release of CTP3 we’re kicking into high gear.  Last week I posted a bunch of videos and solution briefs showcasing just a few of the many ISVs that are participating in the Titan ISV Metro early access program. Have a look:

· GaleForce Solutions

· ExactTarget

· Relevance Software

· Upside Software


· WebTrends: A bonus one today in honor of my first post to the Team blog

CRM “Titan” is going to be a veritable rocket ship when it launches later this year.  As an ISV it’s not too late to jump aboard.  We have numerous folks around the world who are ready to help you.  CTP3 is an incredibly stable build and a great one to get started with.  Now is the right time to email your partner account manager and ask (demand, even J) that they invite you to the CRM Titan track in the Metro program.

It would great if your cool Dynamics CRM solution or extension were one that we could showcase as we launch Titan around the world. 

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Ben Riga

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