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Hypothetically, if a founder of a team blog were to leave the team, and then join a different team that didn’t have a blog, it probably wouldn’t be a huge surprise when she returned to announce a new team blog.  Right?

My new team, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, would like to announce our new team blog:  Surprised?

I’ve been in Denmark for 8 months now, and am loving it.  I miss CRM, both the product and the team (especially the product, because I knew all about it, and didn’t feel like I belong in elementary school quite as much), but things are great here.  The NAV product has a huge base of incredible loyal and passionate customers and partners, the team is full of smart people with wicked senses of humour and the stuff we’re working on is challenging and interesting.  Denmark is wonderful – I could do without the painful income tax levels and the unpronounceable language, but Copenhagen is an amazing city to live in.  And I just bought a bike!

Working on NAV is a different world to CRM.  Designing an ERP product requires a huge level of domain expertise around things like financial systems, which I’m glad to say that we have.  (Not me though – they only let me touch the technology platform, luckily.)  NAV also has a non-Microsoft history, which is eye-opening for a dyed-in-the-wool ‘Softie like me.  Historically, Navision had its own home-grown database, compiler, IDE, language…  The Microsoft world of being able to take a dependency on another team’s product, like SQL Server or Visual Studio, is certainly an easier one.

If you’ve never taken much notice of Microsoft’s ERP offerings, give Dynamics NAV a look over.  A million users can’t be wrong. J

For those of you who are coming to visit us in Copenhagen later this month for Convergence EMEA, stop by and say hi.  I’m doing a session about our next version, which is very very cool, so come check us out.


Ilana Smith

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