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The Exact Cost Reversal function – the function that helps the users to ensure that returned items, both in sales and purchase,  are valued at exactly the same cost as the original transaction when being put back on inventory/drawn from inventory – has been available in NAV since version 3.01.

Many NAV users are aware of and actively use this function when handling their return documents.  “All” they have to do is to fill in “Apply-from/to Item Entry” field on the order line . Or even better, checkmark the  “Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory ” field as part of S&R/P&P setup and use the Copy Document function – then the “Apply-from/to Item Entry” field on the copied return line will be filled in automatically.

In practical terms, this seemingly easy task may turn out to be rather cumbersome and even obscure. Do a lookup in the “Apply-from Item Entry” field, and most likely you will be confronted with a huge amount of entries among which you have to find the relevant one.  Copy Document function will only allow you to copy and cost reverse posted shipment/receipt and not posted invoices.

In NAV 5.0 release, the exact cost reversal received a usability facelift, while retaining the same core functionality.  With the new Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse functions, available on return orders and credit memos, you now:

  • can access regular documents (rather than item ledger records) and copy one or multiple lines, be they from the same or different documents
  • among the documents to copy from, will find invoices (as well as credit memos, if that’s relevant) – the most logical reference document in returns situation  (see screenshot below; click to expand)
  • will not have to manually enter serial/lot numbers for the returned items – the program automatically copies item tracking lines to the return document from the original document
  • can rely on the program to keep track of the already returned and cost reversed quantity on the sales documents – so you don’t have to worry about cost reversing return of the same sold quantity more than once.


Olga T. Mulvad

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