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It’s time to upgrade!  The upgrade toolkit for NAV 5.0 is available on PartnerSource. 

The main goal of the upgrade tool itself is to convert your existing data with the old version table and field structure so it can function with the new table and field structure in the new version.  It modifies the table objects and table data as a part of the data conversion.  All other objects like forms, reports, codeunits and dataports are a part of the customization merge process and are imported during the data conversion. 

The toolkit is more than a tool to convert your data for use in the newer version.  It also includes documentation to help guide you through the process. 

  • Upgrade Manual – Use the upgrade manual in the toolkit to walk through the steps and if you need more information or context about a particular step, flip to the appendix at the end for more detail.  Ever wonder what is actually happening in Codeunit 104045 and 104048 for steps 1 and 2?  The appendix breaks it down by function. 
  • Quick Guides – For a quick overview of the upgrade process, use a Quick Guide.  These documents break down the high-level steps and refer to the appropriate page and section in the full upgrade manual. 
  • Feature Enhancements Documents – To find out what has changed from a previous version to the new version, use the Feature Enhancement documents for an overview by granule ID. 

The NAV 5.0 upgrade toolkit can be used to upgrade directly from 3.70 or 4.0.  If you are using a version prior to 3.70, you will need to do a two-step conversion process.  First upgrade from your current version to 4.0 using the 4.0 upgrade toolkit and then upgrade to 5.0 using the new toolkit.    

People often ask why there are manual steps in the upgrade process.  The main reason is for flexibility.  NAV is designed to be flexible to meet the specific needs of our customers.  This flexibility to customize the way NAV is used, also means that people are using NAV data differently and need the flexibility in the way the upgrade of the data is done.  The upgrade tool will take care of most of the conversion using standard rules in a standard way, but the process also leaves room to provide flexibility. 

Check out the NAV 5.0 Upgrade Toolkit on PartnerSource from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Download Page. 

Lisa Mitchell

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