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There is a fledgling group of Microsoft Dynamics CRM enthusiasts on facebook now. Those of us who enjoy playing with social software, in its many incarnations, are there trying out the waters. Like LinkedIn, MySpace, and Windows Live Spaces, facebook offers some unique features that differentiate it from the field. But the most interesting to me at this point is how quickly people signed up for this group, which is not even a week old, coupled with the diversity of the group. We have members from all over the world.

And already there are third-party CRM solution providers who create custom solutions using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This ever-expanding group of vendors and providers seem to have custom solutions for almost any scenario. If your company is unique, and what company isn’t, the ability to provide extensions that are based on how you do business is seen as a huge benefit.

Back to facebook, there are some really random things happening with my group of friends here. I am constantly trying a new gadget or communicator. It is interesting to see what videos, books, and movies my friends recommend. And sharing info with a bunch o’ friends has never been easier. Anyone else notice that when we get a piece of snail mail from the US Post Office that it is like a blast from the past?

So I’ll try to point to some of the more interesting CRM things happening out there using this new and growing CRM on facebook community using their event mechanism. I hope to see you in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM group soon.


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