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More goodness from the Channel 9 folks:

CRM 4.0 Reporting

”Back in April we gave you a taste of some of the interesting work going on in Dynamics CRM group. That was a pretty good high-level view. We wanted to fill in some of the details for developers so we asked the Dynamics CRM team into the studio to chat about some of the cool stuff coming in CRM 4.0 (a.k.a. “Titan”). We filmed 4 segments that go into various aspects of the developer experience.

In this segment, Phil Richardson and Barry Givens (both Senior Program Manager Leads) walk rough Dynamics CRM Reporting with Rory (actually Phil kinda takes over here for a few minutes). Dynamics CRM takes full advantage of SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS) and takes it even farther by adding capabilities that even end-users can use. Barry and Phil walk through the end-user features but also show how you can take reports so much further by pulling them into Visual Studio Report Designer.”

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