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We’re all familiar with business processes and workflows that are initiated when something occurs in the system – action begets action. But what about when some action doesn’t occur that should have? Inaction requires your attention! For example, suppose that you need want to escalate a Service Case (Incident) if it hasn’t been resolved within a specified time period? Or perhaps you want to send an email reminder if a task is overdue by some threshold? 

Let’s take a look at how to do this in the new CRM 4.0 workflow UI – the configuration has changed from 3.0 and it might take you a minute or two to find it, if you don’t know what to look for (or you’d just have to email Praveen J, like I did).

We begin in the Workflow form. We’ll start by adding a Wait Condition


It will add a row to the workflow step list and we’ll click on the link to specify the wait condition.

We’ll then need to select “Workflow” from the “Local Values” so that we can create the desired wait condition.


Here’s the tricky part. Now you need to choose “Timeout” attribute and “Equals” to indicate that you are going to wait for the there to be a “timeout condition”. Next you will use the Form Assistant and select from the Dynamic Values to choose the specifics of the “timeout”.

Choose the desired time interval, “After”, and then the attribute that you want to “timeout” on (e.g. in my case Task Due Date – one hour after the due date, I’m going to do something). It should look something like this.


Now “Save and Close” and you can then specify whatever action you want to take as the result of inaction!


Don’t forget to publish when you’re done!

Now there are lots of other creative ways that you can use this capability in CRM 4.0 Workflow. Give it a try! Turn inaction into action!

Derik Stenerson

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