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Say good-bye to the one-size-fits-all and one-way CRM systems of yesterday, and say hello to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live. Beginning today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live has officially reached our second early-access release and is expanding access for Microsoft customers and partners located in the United States and Canada. Within this expanded program, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and partners can combine the power of online services with their everyday productivity solutions to manage customer information and business processes with ease. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live – designed on our new, multi-tenant, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 architecture, equips your organization with a solution for fast implementation and adoption, delivers a flexible and agile business application that adapts quickly and easily to your unique business needs, and most importantly, enhances your everyday productivity tools like Microsoft Office Outlook, Word and Excel by equipping your with real-time business insight and customer intelligence so you can make critical business decisions with ease.

Fast Business Benefit:

  • Rapid system sign-up, sign-on and sign-in using your Windows Live ID
  • Rich business and customer management functionality – without the need for running or maintaining your own servers
  • Anywhere-access to your valuable business information


Flexible System Design:

  • Point-and-click system configuration and customization
  • Powerful business process automation studio – including notification rules, auto-response & escalation and personal workflow
  • Choice of client use – rich internet browser experience or a native Microsoft Office Experience through Microsoft Office Outlook, Word and Excel


Familiar User Experience

  • Unified Microsoft Office Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and E-mails with your CRM system
  • Microsoft Office Word Mail Merge and Microsoft Office Excel analysis
  • Real-time Contact online presence and alerts with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live Early Access program is a limited-access program and available to organizations located in the United States and Canada who are looking to accelerate their adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live. At this time, customers interested in gaining access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live early access must work with an active Microsoft Dynamics CRM reseller. If you need assistance locating a Microsoft Dynamics CRM reseller, we can help you locate one through our sales team, or you can leverage our online partner locator – found at this URL:

There is no online subscription fee for use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live while the software is in early access. Organizations will be asked to provide a valid United States or Canadian credit card in order to provision their account, but the credit card will not be charged until the service is made publically available in spring 2008. At that time, organizations will have the option of converting their subscription to a paid subscription of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional – with a promotional price of $39 USD per user per month (standard price of $44 USD per user per month), or can upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional Plus at $59 USD per user per month. Some differences between the versions include:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live Editions


Professional Plus

Standard Price

$44 per user / month (USD)

$59 per user / month (USD)

Promotional Price

Sign-up by 12/31/2008 and receive Professional for $39 per user/month (USD)


Contract terms

12 and 24 month contracts

12 and 24 month contracts


Early Access

Spring 2008

Minimum users



Maximum users for Early Access



Data Storage

5 GB

20 GB

# of Custom Business Entities



# of Custom Business Workflows



Client Access

Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office Outlook

Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office Outlook

Offline Database Synchronization



Availability is limited for early-access, and not all applicants will be accepted at this time. Applicants that have not been accepted into the program will have the option of waiting for access on a wait list for future acceptance.

To get started, you can apply for early access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM by visiting our website at or you can contact our sales team directly at 1-877-CRM-CHOICE (276-2464).

We look forward to your success in deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live!

Bill Patterson

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