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I’ve received some questions around changing a Windows Live ID that’s associated with a user’s CRM Live login. So I thought I’d share the instructions here with everyone. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live uses Windows Live ID service credentials to control access to the application.

To change the user’s sign in WLID, you must update the user’s record and send a new invitation.

Step 1: In the Navigation Pane, click Settings, and then in the Administration screen, click Users.

Step 2: On the user grid, double click on a user to open the record you want to change.


Step 3: In the Primary E-mail text box, enter the new Windows Live ID that the user wants to associate with his/her CRM Live login.

NOTE: The e-mail address where the user receives the invitation must be a Windows Live ID. To learn how to convert an existing e-mail to a Windows Live ID, click here.


Step 4: On the toolbar, click Send Invitation and then click OK.



Step 5: Click OK and you’re done!


You should see that the user’s invitation status has now been reset to Invited.


The user now has to accept the invitation sent to the new e-mail address and sign in to the WLID that matches the e-mail address where he/she received the invitation.


Shirlene Lim

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