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A download containing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Logical Database Diagrams is now live on MSDN downloads.

This download contains the following diagrams in Visio 2003 format:

  • crm4answers.vsd – Shows relationship for the knowledge base and sales literature entities.
  • crm4casecontract.vsd – Shows relationship for the incident (case) and contract entities.
  • crm4cola.vsd – Shows relationships for the four key entities: account, contact, opportunity and lead.
  • crm4marketing.vsd – Shows relationships for the marketing automation entities.
  • crm4mywork.vsd – Shows relationship for the entities shown in the My Work area.
  • crm4productcatalog.vsd – Shows relationship for the product catalog entities.
  • crm4qoi.vsd – Shows relationship for the quote, salesorder (order) and invoice entities.
  • crm4sales.vsd – Shows relationship for the sales force automation entities.
  • crm4scheduling.vsd – Shows relationship for the scheduling entities.
  • crm4service.vsd – Shows relationship for the customer service entities.

Note that in all of these diagrams, the relationships to the system user and organization entities have been filtered out for simplicity. Instead, these relationships are shown by the color coding of the entity boxes. In addition to these, several simplified diagrams have been added that filter out even more relationships such as bulk delete and async operation relationships.

These diagrams were all created using the metadata diagram full sample provided in the SDK download. You can use this program to generate your own diagrams. This is especially useful for showing the relationships for your custom entities.

Amy Langlois

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