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The CRM Engineering for Enterprise (E2) team is pleased to announce the release of the white paper Optimizing and Maintaining Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.

This document provides techniques, considerations, and best practices for optimizing and maintaining the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 implementations. Structured to support a tier-based optimization methodology, the white paper includes a section dedicated to optimizing and maintaining each of the Client, Application, and Data tiers. For each tier, the document provides details about optimizing and maintaining the relevant components of the broader implementation. This paper also includes links to additional information and resources, such as performance enhancements, security updates, Knowledge Base articles, and related Microsoft Dynamics CRM documentation.

Please share this white paper with the broader Microsoft CRM Community and be sure to forward any comments about the document or suggestions for how we might improve it to, the CRM Enterprise Content Feedback alias. The CRM E2 team intends to update this paper in coming months, the release schedule dependent in part on the nature and volume of the feedback we receive.

Jim Toland

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