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Are you ready for Convergence!? The Microsoft Dynamics events team and many other supporting employees are heads down as we countdown these last 2 weeks before the event. Whether you’ve been to Convergence before or not, it is sure to be a highly valued conference for all attendees. You can learn more about the event by visiting

From a Microsoft Dynamics Communities standpoint, there will many activities for you to do. From previous years, you may have remembered the Community Lounge where we offered a place for people to hang out, have casual conversations and network on the comfy couches and chairs. Played a little Xbox with your colleagues and even listened to a Zune. We’ll still have all of these great activities, but we are expanding and changing this space a bit this year. This year in the newly named Community & Learning Center, you will find that we are integrating the Microsoft Help Desk as well as the User Experience Lounge into the previously known Community Lounge space. This newly formed space will be segregated out by product line. In each product line space, you will find the Microsoft Support Engineers and User Experience Researchers. Additionally, each product line space will house an “Ask the Experts” table where you can meet and chat with the Microsoft Dynamics Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). In the Community & Learning Center, we will also have representatives from the Microsoft Dynamics user groups as well as the Microsoft Dynamics Customer References team.

While I can’t disclose here exactly what we are doing with our online community presence, I can tell you we will be announcing some cool stuff to all of you that will certainly be very relevant to users and partners of Microsoft Dynamics CRM– so make sure your ears are peeled and you take action. There will be lots of excitement in the Microsoft Pavilion area that you will NOT want to miss out on. I don’t want totally give it away, but I’ll give you a hint; it has something to do with cold hard cash!

Hope to see you there!

Liz Hallen

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