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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 license keys for products obtained in Volume Licensing are embedded in media — the keys do not appear on MVLS  as they do for some products; nor are they printed on the media itself (DVD) or on the media sleeve.  The physical media and the downloads from MVLS/VLSC both will contain the license key in a text file, so Customers may either download the product or order the physical media and simply install it – the install will look for the license key file in either case. 

If the Customer started with a TRIAL version, and is using a TRIAL key, the only reason they would need to look for a license key is if they do not want to reinstall the product over the TRIAL, in which case they find the license key file in the download files or on the media and enter the key into the license manager.   The key will be located in a file called ‘license.txt’ in the download or on the media.

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 media obtained through the Dynamics ERP product price list/Business Ready Licensing, keys ARE NOT embedded in the  media, and must be obtained from the Dynamics CRM Partner, who can obtain them in PartnerSource. 

NOTE:  DYNAMICS CRM 4.0 TRIAL OR TIME LIMITED VERSIONS CANNOT BE UPGRADED OR CONVERTED TO  MSDN OR BUSINESS READY LICENSING (BRL – DYNAMICS PRICE LIST) LICENSES BY APPLYING A COMMERCIAL LICENSE KEY.  Customers or Partners who begin with the  TRIAL version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and wish to upgrade the TRIAL to either a MDSN or BRL license, will need to perform a new install using the MSDN download or PartnerSource product downloads (respectively), and import their original Organization;  OR, must begin their implementation directly with either the MSDN or BRL non-time limited/production versions.  

FOR BUSINESS READY LICENSING PARNERS/CUSTOMERS OR DEVELOPERS WHO HAVE ALREADY BEGUN USING THE DYNAMICS CRM 4.0 TRIAL please refer to this Knowledge Base article for instructions and further information:  ‘

Kam Baker

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