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Version 4.0.4 of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK is now available for download! This version contains lots of great new and updated information:

· Offline Plug-in Security  – New information about the additional security restriction for an offline plug-in, which requires that a registry key named after the public key token of the plug-in assembly be added to the system registry. The online/offline plug-in sample code and walkthrough was updated too.

· Plug-in Constructor – Added a topic explaining how to write a constructor for a plug-in that accepts parameters. These strings can be used to pass information to the plug-in at run time.

· Privileges by Message – The appendix showing the required privileges for each message has been updated. There are a few outstanding messages that will be completed in the next SDK release.

· Outlook Sample Code and Programming Reference – The reference topics for the Microsoft.Crm.Outlook.Sdk assembly have been completed. Added new sample code that interacts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook using this assembly.

· Using the Discovery Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live – Added a topic to show how to get the Web reference for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live.

· SiteMap Sample Code – Added step-by-step instructions for how to change the label text in the navigation pane.

· Scripting Sample Code – Added a new scripting sample that allows you to control which users can update data in a field.

· Report Writers Guide – Added a new topics on linking reports, managing reports offline and new information about publishing reports.

· Other Sample Code

      • How to Send a Bulk E-mail and Monitor the System Job
      • How to Start an Asynchronous Bulk Delete Job and Review Results
      • Using the BackgroundSendEmail Message
      • Using the QualifyMembersList Message

The online version of the SDK will be available within a few days, so check back to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Center later this week.

Amy Langlois

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