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Finally, a one-stop Internet venue to make suggestions to Microsoft about any of our products. I have been waiting for the Dynamics implementation of Microsoft Connect to become a solid resource before I’d recommend it. It does require an Windows Live ID which is easy to create and you can use it for all Microsoft public sites.

My Connect Dashboard looks like this:


In this screen shot you can see some of the Microsoft projects near and dear to my heart. First I am a beta tester for the Connect site and will remain so as we move forward. I’m also on the Dynamics Connect design team to make that experience as rich and full as possible.

A sub-forum called is now open to the public and something you might want to take a look at. I run the CRM customer suggestion triage team and we look at each suggestion that you the customer submits. The team consists of representatives from the dev, PM (program management), test, UE (user education), SE (support engineer) and marketing teams.

When you visit the Connect site and sign up for the Dynamics Connect portal, you will see this screen:


Here you can search for CRM only suggestions that have already been made and vote on the ones you think are really important. You can also create a new suggestion for the CRM triage to consider.

To search the list of suggestions for only CRM I use the keyword ‘CRM’ and I see this:


How do we use your suggestions? The CRM Customer Triage team consists of a rep from each of the following disciplines:

  • Dev
  • UE/UX
  • Test
  • PM
  • Marketing

We meet once a month to review the suggestions and port the unique, new ideas to our team tracking system. We assign a responsible owner and follow the progress of each new suggestion.

You can use the Microsoft Connect site for other Microsoft products too, especially if you are your company’s expert on that program. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with the new Connect site and any suggestions that you might have.


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