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I’ve had the title Sr. Technical Writer for over a dozen years, but it seems like writing has always been part of my job regardless of title. I’ve written stuff for Walt Disney World, the Dept of Energy, Hitachi, Intuit, DTE Energy (Detroit Thomas Edison), Computer Associates, Parametric Technology (PTC), and Qualcomm. Music and Theology are my avocations. I’ve played guitar since I was 15 years old. My first paying job was playing in a Mexican wedding band 30 miles north of Nogales, Mexico. I didn’t know any of the songs, but the piano player would shout out the name of the chords. I was 16 years old. It was a blast. I’ve played in country bands, rock bands, commune bands (late 60’s), and jazz bands. When my hands don’t hurt from writing all day – I’m still playing.

I also study theology, because I like to know what people believe. I started out reading books like The Jewish Way of Life by Herman Wouk and The Catholic Way of Life by Father O’Brien. I’ve read about Buddhism, Hinduism, Tao, numerous Christian denominations, as well as ancient and modern paganism. I enjoy all of these perspectives on faith. I also read agnostic or atheistic philosophers like Bertrand Russell.

Married 39 years (to the same unfortunate woman), 4 kids (1 girl, 3 boys), 5 grandchildren (1 girl, 4 boys), every day is a joy! Now, working at Microsoft, playing music, reading and talking about faith, this is just perfect!

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