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It has come to my attention that in Outlook 2007 by default Contacts are not linked to Tasks. Let’s assume you have a salesperson that goes onsite to a specific prospect and that he agrees to follow up. So he creates a Task in Outlook. In Outlook 2003, this was quite easy. You just went to the bottom of the Task window and you pressed on the Contacts button next to Categories.

 This Contacts button is not there in Outlook 2007.

To enable this in Outlook 2007, you simply select Tools / Options / Preferences / Contact Options. Now you have the opportunity to links the contacts to every form. The salesperson is now able to create a Task while being onsite and link it to a specific Contact.

After synchronizing to NAV with the new Outlook Synchronization functionality, a ToDo is created for the salesperson with an additional contact added. The Contact should be there as well in NAV. That contact now also has a ToDo. 

Marco Mels (mmels)
Microsoft Dynamics NL

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