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You can now get the latest from the Resource Center, whether you’re in the Navigation Pane or out on the Internet. Get tips from peers and answers from experts, learn from real-world scenarios, and get step-by-step guidance where you need it, when you need it, without having to access a specific CRM deployment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Resource Center

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Resource Center (for On-Premise and Service Provider Editions)

Why’d we make the change?

When we first came up with the concept of a central location for customers and partners to find content about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to connect with their peers in the CRM community, we assumed putting it in the product would be the most convenient. So, we created the Resource Center, and made it available from the Navigation Pane.

After we shipped, we started getting feedback from MVPs and partners that having the Resource Center accessible only through the product was problematic. An Internet-facing site would be easier to access and “demo” to others. Jim Daly created the pages linked above to give you the access you asked for.

Differences between the locations

When you view the Resource Center through the product, it detects whether you use CRM 4.0 or CRM Online, and filters out articles and links to content that doesn’t apply to the version you’re using. The Resource Center also detects which language version you use, and displays the articles that are translated into that language, while still providing all the other articles in English.

When you view the Resource Center through the Internet-facing pages, you don’t get all the filtering functionality that you do when you access the Resource Center within the product itself. However, you can still see all the newest pages, articles, and links (in English), and search across the CRM articles, Help, and communities.

Renee Wesberry

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