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A while back I was asked for a list of blogs that track the progress we’re making on the Dynamics CRM platform. Of course, I have my own blogroll of people that I follow but it occurred to me that this would be a useful resource for the CRM community. Now that Dynamics CRM and AX have shipped, I have a little bit of time while I’m in planning mode for the next bunch of good stuff coming soon.

So I’m starting a project to collect the list of blogs worldwide that post on a regular basis on any and all things related to the Dynamics CRM platform and development. Since I’m not really focused on the CRM applications I’ll stay away from end-user or customization focused sites although I may add those later.

I’ve posted the list to my blog and will continue to update the post and have placed a link to it on my home page so that it’s always one-click away from here. Ideally this would be on MSDN or Channel 9 so I’ll look for a permanent home for this at some point but for now I’ll maintain this manually. What I’d really like is to have a wiki site so that the Dynamics CRM community could maintain this list.

If you have sites that you think belong on this list post them in the comments on the post and I’ll update the list as I get them.

Ben Riga

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