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Bill Fuerstenberg is a Program Manager for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team, focused primarily in the Administration and Deployment areas.  Bill recently joined the CRM team in February of 2008 after spending close to four years at Microsoft as a PM in the Business Online Services and IT teams working in Identity Management and Active Directory areas. Prior to joining Microsoft, Bill worked in the CRM industry for over eight years as a customer DBA and in various roles at a CRM software company in support, development and consulting.

Prior to joining the software industry, Bill worked as a building architect for 3 years after graduating from college.  Out of the office, Bill balances family time with his wife and three kids along with cycling (road, mountain and year round commuter), running, and home projects.  A couple of Bill’s upcoming personal goals include running the Seattle Marathon for a second time and training for his first Ironman triathlon.

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