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We moved over the weekend to a new campus. It’s taken a few days to get used to the new Advanta campus. And the new phone system is full of gadgets and gizmos including a headset that hooks into your primary computer instead of the phone itself. The old system always had a delay when someone answered and now it is gone. I used to have to guess when someone outside the corporate network answered the phone because I could not hear them at first.

The company has been feeding us lunch as the cafeteria and one of the other buildings are not finished. I’m on the north side of the building and there is a city park. Well, it will be a park after the construction guys finish. Right now you can’t get to it because they have trailers blocking the way.

Here are some pictures:


Advanta  Advanta2 

This is how dark and cloudy it was Monday morning when I arrived. The promotion picture of course shows the building in a sunny, cloudless day. ;o)

Advanta3 Advanta4

The space is state of the art with lots of space to meet, collaborate, and share a cup o’ joe. But the offices are smaller. Still, in my first day I’m not getting headaches from the off gassing that happened in other new buildings I’ve moved into. That’s probably because this is a ‘green’ building which takes advantage of materials and floor covering that don’t use as much chemically active stuff as in the past.

Marvel-Heroes-Poster The theme of our building will be Marvel comics. So there is a naming contest going on to name the conference rooms. I’ve submitted Captain America, Spiderman, and the Hulk as my nominations and I have this Marvel Comic poster on my hallway window.

Oh, and I’m on the fifth floor so I’ll start doing the stairs again. This morning I’ve walked up and down twice so far. Maybe by time the next conference comes around I’ll be in better shape, Marvel superhero shape.  :o)



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