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I work for the Technical Sales Assistance Team (TPTS previously) as a Dynamics Technical Lead. I specialize on MS CRM, Dynamics GP and Retail Management System. I have close to 8 1/2 yrs of experience, major part being at MS for close to 5 yrs in GPSD- TPTS (now TSA).

I started my career as Data Center Support at GE, where reducing downtime was a key deliverable. I was an active participation in migrating 3000 users from one physical site to another physical site with minimal down time which was a key accomplishment. At MS I started my career as Support Engineer supporting classic set of products with Exchange & AD as SME before the Dynamics support was introduced and later took the Dynamics stream as a challenge. I was able to hone my skill in 3 different products along with 10 different certifications in the same arena.

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