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Sometimes rather than send instructions how to find a record, it’s easier just to e-mail it. The Outlook e-mail may not be automatically tracked in CRM (depends on your settings), and the link only works for other CRM users with at least Read permissions, but to ask a quick question or answer one, it works pretty slick.

· On just about any record, in the Actions menu click Send Shortcut.


An Outlook e-mail message opens with the link to the record already in it and the record’s name in the Subject Line. Just add your recipients, message, and then send.


When the recipient gets the mail, they just need to click on the link. If they aren’t already signed into CRM, they will need to sign in. The record or list displays without the rest of the CRM chrome, which can be a little disorienting, but it is the live CRM record, not a snapshot. Sending a shortcut is a great way to ask someone about a record, remind them to complete a form, or answer a question.

Crystal Smithwick

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