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Here’s your chance to test Internet Explorer version 8. As reported in InformationWeek:

Microsoft is widening the testing program for the forthcoming Internet Explorer 8 and is actively seeking the public’s help in putting the browser through its paces prior to release.

In a blog post, IE8 program manager Allison Burnett promised that the second beta version of the browser is "right around the corner" and invites Web surfers to apply to become an official tester. "Tell us a little about yourself including why you’d be a great beta tester," said Burnett, whose blog includes an e-mail address at which interested users can contact Microsoft.

Microsoft is listening to it’s user base and will be using W3C Internet programming guidelines. I am very happy with this decision and will be anxious to try out the new browser. If you like being on the bleeding edge, here’s your chance.



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