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Guest blogger CRM MVP David Yack talks about what he has been doing in his spare time.  :o)

YackTrainIn my spare time (ha!) for the last year I have been working on writing a book targeted to developing applications on CRM 4.0.  Originally, the book was going to be a short book focusing on workflow but has grown to over 600 pages covering all developer centric topics.  In the book I talk about everything from setting up a developer environment to using SilverLight with CRM.   You can read the full press release on the book on MarketWatch.

CRM as a Rapid Development Platform is not a "user" book, it’s a developer book.  I might even go as far as saying a power admin that wants to understand more about what’s going on would benefit as well.  The book goes deeper into developer topics like client scripting, web services, plug-ins and workflow than any of the other books currently released.

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David Yack

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