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Girish Raja and I (Ben Riga) just finished up a few videos for Channel 9 to show off the superhumansuper-developer… line-of-business platform power you get when you build your solution on Dynamics CRM.  There are 5 videos we put together to help developers and ISVs better understand the vision for how Dynamics CRM fits in with the rest of the Microsoft Platform stack.

In this series, which we’ve dubbed The Dynamics Duo, we talk about:

These are a great way to get an overview into each of these technologies and how they PDCBling1can help you with development of your own solution.  If you’re ready to dive into more details there are a number of resources for that:

  • We’ve built a Dynamics CRM ramp up kit to get developers started with CRM development.  That’s available on MSDN here.
  • Girish who helped with much of the development work has been blogging about some of the details of these videos (including source code).  You can follow his blog here.

And finally as I mentioned above Dynamics CRM is a part of the Microsoft stack and the best place to get early information about the future of that stack is at PDC.  Shh.  I can’t say any more. I’ve already said too much. :)  More info and registration here.


Ben Riga and Girish Raja

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