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Last week we introduced the eService Accelerator which is part of the CRM Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and partners to be released in the next few months, each week we will unveil more details of each accelerator. In this article we feature the Event Management Accelerator.

Event Management Accelerator – Due to be released in Q3 2008

The event management accelerator gives companies the ability to easily manage the planning, execution, tracking and reporting requirements for events. The event management accelerator focuses on three areas of event management, namely:

  • Event Planning – logistics around an event such as:
    • Booking the venue
    • Presenters
    • Catering
    • Presentation content preparation
  • Event Attendance – all aspects around managing the attendees such as:
    • Inviting the target audience via phone, fax, letter and email
    • Managing registrations via phone, letter, fax, email and web
    • Tracking all people who actually attended the event
  • Event Review – Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports that measure the effectiveness of the event:
    • How many people attended the event?
    • What was the revenue impact of the event?

A core component of the event management accelerator will be a web application that customers and partners can deploy to allow Web registration for their events and track these registrations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The web application will also provide location mapping integration using Microsoft Live Maps!

The following image is taken from the beta version of the Event Management Accelerator:


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