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Announcing the sixth update to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK. You can download it here or read it online at the CRM Developer Center.

What’s New in this Release?

Updates include:

  • E-mail Provider documentation – Have you wanted to know about creating a custom e-mail provider? This all new section gives you the basics!
  • Customization file reference – This newly completed section describes the details you need when working with the form and saved query sections of the customization file.
  • Updated Plug-in sample code – We have rewritten the sample plug-ins to use Dynamic Entity. For more information, refer to these blog posts.
  • Using CRM URLs and the PrependOrgName function – This topic talks about constructing URLs for different deployment types. The PrependOrgName function helps you create the correct URL for on-premise deployments.
  • New sample code – As always, we’ve added more sample code.
  • Check the Release History table for a complete list of updates and additions to this release.

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