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This is part two of I won’t be here tomorrow. Here are the pictures and videos for the Microsoft Jazz Band’s participation in the United Way of King County’s Day of Caring ’08.

Can I just say wow! This pickup band was a hoot to play with. The quality of the musicians at Microsoft is amazing. There aren’t too many companies who can put together a band like this on the spur of the moment. It makes me wonder if musicians have a connection with the language arts, even if that means in computerese.

We got everyone in the picture (above) but Greg, the bari sax player. Next time I need to ensure we get a photographer (the scheduled fellow never showed). So I’ve pasted his picture in on the left here.

Here’s a short video with some excerpts of a couple of songs. Again, without a photographer we did this static, unmanned video camera thang and so the vocalist isn’t in the picture.

The sound is not bad for a band that met for the first time the Tuesday before the gig day. Actually, I wish some of the other bands I play in regularly sounded so good. But then, I did get to choose the music.   :o)

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