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Last week we introduced the Sales Methodologies Accelerator which is part of the CRM Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and partners to be released in the next few months, each week we will unveil more details of each accelerator. In this article we feature the Extended Sales Forecasting Accelerator.

Extended Sales Forecasting Accelerator – Due to be released in Q3 2008

The extended sales forecasting accelerator enriches the out-of-the-box sales forecasting capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Principally, sales users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can review their individual sales pipeline and quickly classify opportunities as committed, excluded or upside. Sales managers can monitor and track sales targets, budgets and performance against these forecasts for specific time periods (e.g. months and quarters).

Underpinning these capabilities will be new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 reports that summarize sales performance for the organization, business unit, team or individual salespeople.

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