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The CRM team is back on the conference trail. Over the next month and half we’ll be attending the BI Conference in Seattle, the Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles and Convergence EMEA in Copenhagen. Go to all of these events and you’ll get more news and announcements about CRM than frequent flyer miles.


Get me started about the BI Conference and I won’t stop; there will be plenty to say about Convergence as that gets closer but let me draw your attention to the PDC. The PDC is Microsoft’s long range technology roadmap event for technical executives, managers and architects. At the PDC we announce new technologies and describe work that we’re doing that will come to market in 12 to 24 months. We don’t have one of these events every year – we run it only in years when there is something BIG to talk about.

This year’s event starts on October 27th and we’ll have CRM sessions from Andy Bybee, Humberto Lezama Guadarrama and our architect David Shutt. We’ll have a fairly big CRM crew at the event staffing our hands on lab, a booth and some interactive lounges. Attendees can expect to see some (very) early views of CRM 5. Check out that conference site for more teasers about what we’ll be showing: it’s no less than Microsoft’s “new cloud services platform”. Read between the lines on the session listings and you can get a partial picture of what that platform will look like and how CRM fits in. Attend PDC and you’ll see a lot more of what we’ve been working on (and what our Philip Richardson has been up to). If you’re not going to the event (and what a shame for you) be sure to check for press releases from Microsoft starting on October 27, the first day of the event.

See you in LA (and Seattle and Copenhagen),

Barry Givens

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