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Have you ever wanted to see the progress information while importing entity customizations? Now you can track the import progress by using new Microsoft Dynamics CRM import job entity. The import job entity tracks the results when you import entity customizations or translations from an XML file into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The import process is created when you execute one of the following messages:

· ImportXmlWithProgress

· ImportCompressedXmlWithProgress

· ImportTranslationsXmlWithProgress

· ImportCompressedTranslationsXmlWithProgress

The import operation creates an import job entity instance and updates the property with progress information.

You can learn more about starting an import operation and monitoring the progress by reading the following topics in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK at

· Import Job Entity Capabilities

· Using the Import Job Entity to Track Import Progress

· Starting the Import Operation

· Retrieving the Import Progress Information

· Understanding the Import Job Data

· Monitoring the Import Progress


Inna Agranov

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