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After configuring demo entities TASK and APP in NAV and after creating a ToDo of Phone Call and / or after creating a ToDo of Meeting, there is an error in the Outlook Add-in:
An error has occurred during the synchronization process. You can find the error details in the log file. Please contact your System Administrator.

After enabling the debug log file, the following can be seen in the debug log file:

Error: 25-09-2008 08:06:57 [4] Dump of exception type ‘System.NullReferenceException’
Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Stack trace:    at Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.OLSync.NAVSyncAddIn.OutlookModelProvider.OutlookObject.GetPropertyReturnedType(String propertyName)
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.OLSync.NAVSyncAddIn.Synchronization.MessageParser._ProcessElement(SynchronizationSchema synchronizationSchema, NavisionSynchronizationEntity navisionSynchronizationEntity, String synchronizationEntityCode, OutlookItem item, XPathNavigator elementNavigator, String navisionRecordId, ProcessedItemStatusStruc& processedItemStatusStruc)
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.OLSync.NAVSyncAddIn.Synchronization.MessageParser._ProcessOutlookItem(XPathNavigator outlookItemElement, SynchronizationSchema synchronizationSchema, NavisionSynchronizationEntity navisionSynchronizationEntity, OutlookSynchronizationEntity outlookSynchronizationEntity, EntryIdStorage entryIdStorage, Boolean isConflictResolution)
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.OLSync.NAVSyncAddIn.Synchronization.MessageParser.GetNextMessagePortion()
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.OLSync.NAVSyncAddIn.Synchronization.Common._ProcessNavisionData(MemoryStream incomingStream)
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.OLSync.NAVSyncAddIn.Synchronization.Common.DoSynchronization(BackgroundWorker worker, DoWorkEventArgs e)

Outlook collections contain an incorrect translated value for links.

To resolve the issue, you can do the following:
1. remove all TASK and APP entities from Outlook Synch User Setup
2. select Outlook Synch Entities
3. select Code and press F6
4. select APP
5. select Outlook Collection other then Recipients
6. press F6 and select Links manually and press OK
7 select Code and press F6
8. select TASK
9. select Outlook Collection
10. press F6 and select Links manually and press OK
11. reenter the TASK and APP entity for the selected Users in the Outlook Synch User Setup
12. register changes in Change Log


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