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Clay Robinson is a Program manager focusing on the business modules (SFA and Customer service) portions of Dynamics CRM he is relatively new to Microsoft but not new to CRM.  Clay’s CRM experience began while working as a sales engineer on a transactional sales team, administering a Goldmine system that was deployed via Citrix.  Recognizing there must be a better solution to CRM Clay began working at a startup company called Entellium as their first product manager.  Clay’s goal at Entellium was to build the most usable CRM, as this was a startup Clay also provided presales support, business process consulting, and managed deployments.  Forrester presented Entellium with and award for best usability in CRM as a direct result of Clays work.  Clays final project at Entellium was a smart client CRM application called Rave which has won a number of awards for design and usability employing game influenced design.  After Entellium Clay worked for a mobile commerce company creating and deploying an industry leading portal to help customers manage their data, he also deployed and managed an instance of

Clay is passionate about usability and building CRM that enables and empowers all of its users to be more efficient and more successful in their role.  Clay views creating usable CRM as a good design problem and is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the product.  To ensure he developing solutions that meet the current market needs Clay regularly interacts with users and enjoys hearing all types of feedback about the product.

Clay is a long time resident of Mercer Island, Washington where he lives with his wife and dogs.  Working on CRM during the week allows Clay to pursue a multitude of activities including triathlons, bicycling, running, youth work and just about anything else outdoors.

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