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First I want to say thanks to people who attended Michael Rosenørn and My session, about building a Role Center in 1 hour, at Convergence 2008 last week in Denmark. Our evaluation score for this session was second highest out of all sessions at Convergence, so we must have done something right 🙂 Thanks guys!!!

Still I a have a feeling that there are so much more I would like to share with you on how we build up the Role Center, so I have decided to share our demo script for this session.

To the readers which did not attend the session. Michael acted as the Customer and I as the Partner and Live implementer at stage.

The story: Michael (The customers) is requesting Me(The Partner) to implement a Role Center for his Election Manager user profile. The Election Manager is responsible for following up on sponsor for the upcoming election. We are imaging that there is a big election coming up even though we all know this just finished in the US.
So the Election Manager need to keep track of the sponsors in his portfolio. Which sponsor has delivered what they have promised? And which sponsor have not delivered? Election manager will need to get a fast overview of which Sponsor he need to follow up on.
Also the Election Manager needs to setup events and would like to see who is responsible for each of these events. So with this background we start building the Role Center.
Credit goes to Andy Blehm, our Developer Lead on the Client team, for coming up with this story. Thanks Andy.

You can find the demo script attached to this post. In this zip file you will find the following files:

  1. Election – Demo Script.docx(This is the actual Demo Script, no proofreading so if there is any spelling mistake please just blame me)
  2. Election Demo Data.txt(Demo Data to import before demo)
  3. Election Objects START.fob(Prepared Objects. These are prepared to keep the demo in 1 hour, many of the prepared demo objects are explained during the demo)
  4. Election Objects START.txt(and in txt format as well if you prefer this)
  5. Election Objects END.fob(All objects included the objects build during the demo. If you just want to see what we build and don’t care about the demo script, this is your file )
  6. Election Objects END.txt (and in txt format as well if you prefer this)

Claus Lundstrøm

Page Designer – Election Role Center

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