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Today I saw an issue with the AX Cube definition manager not saving a new value for “Transaction date” on the measures tab. A user makes a change but when they go back to check it’s not saved. This only occurs when the user follows a specific sequence of actions, the steps to recreate and the solution is described below: 

  1. Open the OLAP cube definition manager form

  2. Select the CustRevenue cube then the Measures tab

  3. Change the value for “Transaction date field”

  4. Click save on the tool bar

  5. Close the OLAP cube definition manager form

  6. Change to “Transaction date field” has not been saved

This can be fixed by setting a datasource for the “transaction date field” parent field group:

  1. Open OLAPCDM form in AOT

  2. Go to Designs – design – Tab:CDMTab – TabPage:MeasuresTabe – Group:Settings

  3. Open the properties of this group, set the datasource to “OLAPCube”

  4. Save the form

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