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It’s the holiday season and I’m checking out some of the CRM communities, adding a video here and a pointer to a great article there. Our group on Linked In continues to grow, driven I think by the need of our partners and customers to be associated with a great product.


In Facebook I’m seeing reports from the CRM MVPs, co-workers, friends and family. It’s interesting to see the dialogs in the CRM group on Facebook. And I like to try to find interesting stuff to feed the group to keep people coming back.


These associations began as science projects that grew into communication channels from and for our customers. There are also interesting videos on YouTube now coming from Microsoft and our Partners.


The social software phenomenon has been very interesting and still continues to heat up. Taking advantage of communities that are forged through relationships with people of like interests and passions has proven to be a very successful way to reach out to a large and even growing international audience.

It’s all about the power of us. Happy holidays to our blog posse here. I’ve enjoyed the discourse and even learned a bit along the way. Be well.


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