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Every time I say 2009, I have been pausing. It sounds almost like it is in the future and yet, here it is a new year. Not all of us do the New Year Resolution thang. But I have been thinking about it a lot because this year promises to be in some ways very scary and in other ways moving to better times.

I came across this article and I thought I’d share it with you. This excellent piece is Call Center centric but could be for many different kinds of CRM applications. I especially liked recommendation number two:

Automate to Alleviate – Call centres are challenged with striking a balance between three competing priorities: customer satisfaction, reducing cost and revenue. Focusing too much on increasing customer satisfaction could drive up call times and increase costs. Focusing on cost containment could negatively impact customer satisfaction. Focus too much on revenue generation and customer satisfaction could suffer. To achieve a balance organisations need to find the right combination of automated and agent assisted interactions.

The majority of customer calls are simple and task-based that can be effectively automated to alleviate pressure on agents and reduce costs. Using speech recognition to automate just 10% of transactions such as bill payments, balance transfers or account enquiries, a call centre taking 5m calls per year could save approximately £800,000 annually.

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I have always been the kind of guy to automate my work as much as possible as I’ve progressed through my career. I started by automating my weekly reports when I was a 2LT in the military in the early 80s. I was the only officer I knew in Germany who owned his own computer. And the hours spent hand typing out our weekly reports was for me replaced by time with my soldiers and on job sites.

So what are your resolutions for the new year? Will you be automating some of your workload? Or maybe you pursue more education through Microsoft Dynamics CRM certification. We’d love to hear back from you.



Follow-up: Oh and this is a goodie from CRM MVP Joel Lindstrom from CustomerEffective his ten CRM New Years resolutions.

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