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Convergence, the semi-annual Microsoft Dynamics customer conference, is coming to New Orleans in under a month.  With tightening travel costs and a eye towards maximizing the value of your time, I wanted to share with you a perspective of how the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is investing heavily in Convergence this year and why our investment will benefit customers, prospective customers, and partners alike.

Top-Notch, Relevant Content

Type “CRM in a down economy” or “CRM in a challenging economy” into Live Search and you’ll find pages and pages of partners, CRM customers, and thought leaders in the industry discussing this topic at length.  We recognize that today’s market conditions are impacting every industry and our content is geared to showcase smart and valuable ways the right CRM system can help businesses drive productivity and efficiency gains across any organization that impact a business’s bottom line.

It’s also important that we are not just committed to the highest level of quality but we are also simultaneously deliver quantity;  there will be a record number of 60+ sessions this March dedicated to topics relating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Common themes you’ll see this year –

  • CRM as a Software + Services Solution (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Hosted CRM Solutions)
  • XRM
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Industry-Specific Sessions (Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Professions Services, Public Sector, Healthcare,  and more)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Technologies Inter-Operability (Excel, SharePoint, OCS, and more)
  • Core Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality (Sales, Service, Marketing, Workflow Design)
  • Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • CRM in a Challenging Economy

One additional facet of the content this year that I’d like to highlight is a series of interactive discussions developed and moderated by the CRMUG Community that will be featured later in the week. 

Tremendous Additional Partner and Customer Value

What I appreciate about the Convergence events is that they are as much about the networking going on throughout the days and evenings as they are about the knowledge-sharing that occurs in the sessions. 

  • Over 106 sponsors and exhibitors will be on the Expo Hall show floor showcase how their solutions or areas of expertise can help enhance your business today.
  • There are a variety of partner and Microsoft driven evening events occurring throughout the week designed for both fun and knowledge sharing.  Keep on the lookout for news of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosted reception for attendees…
  • New Convergence attendee sales offers have been posted to the Convergence Web site offering, including a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online-specific offer for first-time buyers of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.  Partners, make sure to check out additional details surrounding this Convergence-only offer via PartnerSource.


Ned Kandzor

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