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In classic reports, adding a header to your report is as easy as just copying the Header section from an existing one.

With reports for RTC you need to do a bit of manual work to get your report header. A standard header contains the following information:

Report Name

Company Name

Time and date (=Globals!ExecutionTime)

Page Caption and Number (=Globals!PageNumber)

User ID (=User!UserID)

Time and Date, Page Number and User ID are automatically defined as global variables in Visual Studio report designer. All you need to do, is: Add a TextBox, right click on it and select “Expression…”, then select from the Globals-Menu:


The other fields (Report Name, Company Name and Page Caption) are labels, and have to be added following the steps described here:

Labels in NAV2009 Report Design

So these are the two ways (Globals and Labels) that you have to add information to your report headers as illustrated here:






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