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We’ve just published version 4.0.8 of the CRM SDK! The online content is here and the download is here. Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

New Topics and Samples for Authentication with CRM Online

Read three new topics about using Windows Live ID to authenticate with CRM Online. A detailed walkthrough is provided for the Server-to-Server scenario along with helper code to make this easier. Samples for other online auth scenarios will be coming in the next update. Also new in this are updated assemblies for CRM Online. (Yes, we know the product name isn’t “Live” but we didn’t want to risk breaking your projects by changing the folder names.) Look here for the new information:

SDK\Server\Helpers\CS | VB\CrmOnlineAuth



Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Authentication

Walkthrough: Server-to-Server Authentication with CRM Online

WindowsLiveIdTicketAcquirer Helper Code

Updated Support Statement

We’ve made it clear that Ajax is supported: Support for the .NET Framework Versions

Updated Best Practices for Custom Code

Updated information about where you should put custom code. Read about this here: ISV Extensibility Best Practices

Added the ISV Readiness Classes

We’ve added the IsvReadiness helper classes, which give you a programmatic means to change parts of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization XML files. Read about them here: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.IsvReadiness Classes

Plug-in Updates

We’ve updated the Plug-in Registration tool to version 2.2. Refer to the included Readme file for more information about software updates and new features.

Added new information about when plug-ins and workflows are executed in the pipeline. Read about this here: Event Execution Pipeline

Clarified the information about child pipelines and added a list of messages that a child pipeline can process: Parent and Child Pipelines

New Data Binding Sample

We’ve added a new project that demonstrates data binding an ASPX DataGrid control with CRM data. You can find this in the download package here: SDK\Server\FullSample\DataBinding\CS | VB\WebFormSample

Upgrade Issues

Added a table of state changes that are handled differently for plug-ins that were upgraded from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 callouts: Upgrade Issues for Workflow and Callouts

Added a topic that shows the differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 code and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 code: Upgrading Your Existing Code

Other New Samples

We’ve added new samples for some areas and converted others to Visual Basic. Here’s a list of the new samples in the docs:


  1. We’ve clarified where you can find the EmailProviders assembly in: About the Assemblies
  2. The metadata browser only works for the on-premise product: Using the Metadata Browser
  3. Updated sample code to use correct date manipulation methods in: How To Convert a Fax to a Task
  4. We made an error in the Release History table on the first page of the SDK. It incorrectly states that the Import/Export samples were removed. You can ignore this!


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