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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM – The Danish blog has run a three part series titled the Power of Choice.

Have you heard the concept before? ‘The Power of Choice’ – what is that? In this three part blog post I will give you my angle on the great opportunity for businesses to have IT in their own way – the best.

The first blog post is titled ‘What’ and will zoom in on what Microsoft means by ‘The Power of Choice’, more precisely what I mean and see as content in this area of wisdom.

The second blog post is titled ‘Why’ and will give you some USP’s (Unique Selling Points) for customers and partners, users, administrators and sponsors.

The third and final blog post is titled ‘How’ and will give you starters for your own business or for your customers. It will list some resources for trying out and if you are new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in general, it will also point you to some places for trying out this great piece of business value extending and people performance accelerating software.


Martin Houlberg Jensen

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