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The next time you come for a visit, I will probably be taking you to see this new facility.

Seattle Times: Microsoft workers get their very own mall, The Commons, on corporate campus

By Sharon Pian Chan

Microsoft Commons


“Microsoft is opening today a splashy dining-shopping destination called The Commons, a signature piece in a massive expansion that is adding the equivalent of a Columbia Tower to what the company calls the world’s largest corporate campus. 

The Commons is a cross between the University of Washington’s HUB, University Village and Pike Place Market. The complex of 14 restaurants, shops, soccer field, even a pub is the gooey filling in the emerging West Campus, a 1.4 million-square-foot town square of four office buildings that will house the company’s Entertainment and Devices division, which developed video-game player Xbox and music-player Zune.”

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I haven’t even visited this yet and it is only a mile and a half from my house. Sounds like a good idea for the next team meeting. Field trip!  :o)



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