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feedsThe mesh between social software sites and my prose means that one writing ends up on many different places. And the audiences on the various platforms is usually very different.

So I was very happy to see that Microsoft is adding 20 new feed partners and three new contact partners to the growing Windows Live program. As reported by

“This means that means that users will be able to invite their friends to Windows Live and vice versa; Facebook and LinkedIn are also to become contact partners "soon."

Microsoft’s goal with this is quite obvious: to turn Windows Live into the average netcitizen’s main hub for his or her social life, or at the very least to turn Windows Live into a social network.”

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The ability to go one place to do my work is a very powerful incentive to looking at yet another solution set. The use of RSS readers is an example of that. I can scan all my fav blogs and see which of the 40 or so have been updated. So in any day there might be five or so new posts and if the title interests me, I can read more. And in this world of information overload, this is just one way to become a more efficient reader.

With these new lash-ups, I can tailor my authoring and publishing environment in a way that targets different reading audiences. And I can potentially get to a wider audience set without taking a lot of time for each post.

How cool is that? Play on bloggers.



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