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The Document Management in Dynamics AX allows you to “attach” files to records of certain Dynamics AX tables. Those files are either placed on the File System (Hard Disk, Netwok Share) or stored within the Dynamics AX database in a BLOB field. For files that are stored in the database you can also specify a maximum size. If the files are lager than this value, the Dynamics AX Client refuses to attach the files.

It can now happen, when certain files are attached (that are below the mentioned limit) the Dynamics AX Client closes without further notice (in other words the Dynamics AX Client crashes).

The background of this issue is the same as the one described in the KB article KB944288.

The Dynamics AX Client tries to transfer the whole file in only one RPC call to the AOS. For RPC however size restrictions can be defined on incoming RPC packets. When the size of the RPC packet created by Dynamics AX is larger than the limit specified on the AOS this issue ocurrs.

The maximum allowed incoming RPC packet size (in bytes) can be configured with the registry value “MaxRpcSize”. In our given scenario this setting has to be changed on the Dynamics AX AOS and after the registry value was changed the AOS needs to be restarted.

If you need more information where to find this registry value, please have a look at the KB article KB259263.

–author: Alexander Lachner
–editor: Alexander Lachner
–date: 23/04/2009

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