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Dynamics AX has a real nice powerful column / grid filter, and that for many versions. However when you try to filter a column having decimal values for a decimal number you might seeing strange things happen – when you are living in a country having a comma (,) as decimal sign.

So let’s imagine the column is having several records with the decimal value “1,5” (1 comma 5). As filter criteria you also enter “1,5” (one comma five). But no records having the decimal number “1,5” are displayed? Instead other records with “1,0” or “5,0” show up.

The reason is simple: The symbols “.” (dot) and “,” (comma) have a special function in the filter:

  • In the filter the “,” (comma) is used to separate different individual values, e. g. if you want to see all records that have the values “1” or “7” you would enter “1, 7” (one comma seven).
  • A single “.” (dot) in the filter is treated as “decimal point”, so if you enter “1.5” the decimal number “1,5” is looked after.
  • Two dots “..” directly after each other are treated by the filter as a range, so if you enter “1..7” (one dot dot seven) you are looking for all values between 1 and 7 (including 1 and 7).
  • Also combination like “1,7,1.5” (one comma seven comma one dot five) are possible which means you want to see all records having a “1” or “7” or “1,5”.
  • And a combination like “1.5,2..7” (one dot five comma two dot dot seven) would mean you are looking for all records that are either “1,5” or between the interval 2 and 7.

As said in the beginning, the filter capabilities are really great. But this has the drawback that if you just want to filter for the decimal number “1,5” you have to enter “1.5” as filter criteria, even if you are living in a country where the “.” (dot) is not your decimal symbol.

–author: Alexander Lachner
–editor: Alexander Lachner
–date: 23/04/2009

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