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You are using Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 and Outlook 2003. Certain Reports (like Confirmations) your customer is sending out by E-Mail attached as PDF. In Outlook 2003 you have configured a Signature that is added automatically to each E-Mail.
But in Outlook 2003 no Signature is added to the E-Mail created by Dynamics AX.

This is a limitation of Outlook when using the SimpleMAPI interfaces. This limitation is described in the following KB articles:

  • OL2000: Signature Not Inserted When “Send To” Mail Recipient is Used

  • OL2000: Signature Not Included in Messages

You can use one of the following workarounds:

  1. Replace the code in “AOT\Classes\Info::ReportSendMail” to use Outlook COM instead of MAPI to create the E-Mail

  2. Change the code in “AOT\Classes\SysINetMail::sendMailAttach” to add our own Signature stored within Dynamics AX

  3. Add a Form to populate the Table SysInetSetup, this Table is accessed by the existing code in “AOT\Classes\SysINetMail::sendMailAttach”

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